pick & pack

Offering 3rd party logistics services tailored to your needs we can manage everything from picking up your containers at the wharf, through to delivering orders to your customers, including:

  1. Unpack, check stock and receipt
  2. Storage, inventory and management
  3. Stock preparation services
  4. Pick and Pack
  5. Electronic consignment with online tracking
  6. Direct delivery to your customer
  7. Returns management and reporting
  8. Full EDI and scanpack services for trading with most major retailers
  9. Electronic invoicing and labelling
  10. Auditing compliance
We will streamline services on your behalf that can save you costly set-up outlays on both staff and equipment in software, presentation, packing, and accountancy areas. Your dedicated Air Sea Global Logistics representative will liaise with you and tailor the appropriate services specifically to your needs.

Internet based shopping

If you are growing an on-line retail business, you can access services without the outlay. Your goods can be photographed, catalogued, bar-coded, labelled and featured on-line according to your directions. Website integration solutions work with online shopping systems allowing orders to be processed easily, then speedily dispatched through an integrated Australia Post eParcel service. All items leave the warehouse according to your specific branding and logo, gift-wrap and packing instructions.
At Air Sea Global Logistics we will research and quote the most efficient and cost effective services for your business that promote your brand and support its growth to maximum advantage...
every step of the way.

Request a quote online. Or Call us on 1800 AirSea (1800 247 732).

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