Your Air Sea Global Logistics representative will research and tailor-make your ideal warehousing service, designed specifically to meet your needs which can range from basic storage to an all encompassing high tech third party logistics service, including:

  1. Inspection of containers and cargo before delivery
  2. Container stuffing/de-stuffing/return
  3. Shrinkwrap, repalletise, unpack
  4. Full warehousing and storage facilities
  5. Hazardous goods storage
  6. Computer generated reports with full website integration and eDistribution
  7. Product catalogue management including, photograph and barcode
  8. eDistribution and labelling to direct dispatch
  9. Pick pack, labeling, barcode and dispatch (and all associated services)
  10. Stock rotation, management, track and trace and activity reports
  11. Distribution – dock to shop
We offer warehouses that are equipped with high-level security, organisation and environmental controls so you can be confident your goods are held safely in optimal conditions and with immediate access to any services that you may require.

Warehousing, service and distribution

For maximum efficiency with many business operations, we recommend complete 3rd party logistics solutions. We manage everything from collecting goods at their global source through picking up containers at the wharf, customs and quarantine clearance to product storage, cataloging, tracking, direct eDistributing on our client’s instruction, pick and packing and finally through to delivering orders direct to your customers on your behalf.
Air Sea Global Logistics offers you this full range of logistical services during the warehousing of your goods enabling you to spend more time growing your business with the peace of mind that your Air Sea Global Logistics representative has provided you with a tailor-made service to cover your needs with optimum efficiency... every step of the way.

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